We want to share what an amazing project our team had the opportunity two work on recently!!

We had a customer reach out about restoring an antique Dairy Queen door.

Let me be upfront about something, we do not do leaded/stain glass work!

The customer purchased the antique Dairy Queen door when the demolished the Dairy Queen Restaurant in his hometown because it was sentimental to him. However, the door was in a horrible state when we received it.

The leaded glass had been enclosed in an insulated glass unit that over time had gone bad and clouded/frosted up inside. The door frame was worn and needed some work.

Our guys were able to take the door frame apart and remove the insulated glass unit and clean the leaded glass and door frame up to almost new appearance. The insulated glass had to be replaced with new glass and sealed.

Our team spent days on cleaning this door and leaded glass up, it was very meticulous work.

Once the team had the door cleaned up and reassembled, they were able to hang the door in the customer new shop as his entrance door.

Our team did an amazing and outstanding job, going outside of their normal day to day job duties to find an affordable and safe solution to restoring this Impressive Antique Door!!!!

Our team goes above and beyond to always save our customers money while giving them the best options available for their projects.

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