Garland Solar Screens For Windows

When it comes to maintaining your home or protecting it from the elements, weatherproofing is important. You may have heard of exterior waterproofing, but have you heard about solar screens for windows?

Save money on your energy bill, protect your home’s flooring, and save your furniture from fading with our Garland solar screens for windows that block up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

This makes them one of the best ways you can protect your home from the sun without installing new energy-efficient windows or other equipment that could be more costly upfront.



All our solar screens for windows in Garland TX are made of woven material that let the air in but block out the sun’s UV rays. There are different kinds that provide various degrees of protection.

  • Mesh – This is the lightest, and most common, weave. It allows more air flow through the screen but blocks most of the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays.
  • Twill – This weave offers even more protection than mesh, with less air flow. It prevents even more heat transfer than the mesh weave does, making it a good choice for both very hot summers and chilly night time winter temperatures.
  • Fine – A finer weave that is similar to twill in its ability to block heat and UV rays, but it also blocks out sound and keeps insects out because it has fewer openings per inch than other weaves do. These types of Garland solar screens for windows also come in fun colors and patterns to spruce up any room.



Our solar screens for windows in Garland TX can be installed on numerous types of windows, such as:

  • Single-hung windows
  • Double-hung windows as seen in many bathrooms
  • Casement windows, which open outwards
  • Awning windows, which open outwards like a door
  • Picture
  • Bow or bay windows



Learn more about installing solar screens on your windows so you can make sure that your house and what’s in it is protected from damaging sun while also saving money on energy bills. Contact the Blade Glazing team at (469) 240-9739 to get details about the right Garland solar screens for windows for your home.

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