Grand Prairie Glass Shower Door Installations

If you want your bathroom to look modern and stylish, one of the best ways to accomplish that is by replacing your old shower door with a new one. There are many different types of shower doors available on the market today, but one of the most popular is glass shower door installation.

This type of door is attractive, durable, and easy to clean. It also helps make your bathroom more spacious and brightens up any space it’s installed in.

However, if you don’t install your glass shower door properly, it can break or fall out easily. That’s why it’s important to call us. We provide professional Grand Prairie glass shower door installations that don’t leak or cause mildew and stand the test of time.



  • Professional Design Consultation – We’ll help you choose the right type of design for your shower doors based on your lifestyle. We also provide guidance on the best sealants to prevent leaks, which is a major consideration for glass shower door installations in Grand Prairie TX due to the climate and humidity.
  • Precise Installation Methods – All four corners of our corner frames are made out of strong materials like stainless steel or aluminum that are built to last, but sometimes they need shims or wedges under one leg of each corner frame piece as needed until all four corners are level.
  • Seamless Construction – Our installers focus on precision for Grand Prairie glass shower door installations and we’ll put each piece of glass together seamlessly, so your door looks like it was made that way from the beginning.



We offer many different glass shower door installations in Grand Prairie TX for our valued customers, including:

  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Glass Doors with Handles
  • Hinged Glass Doors
  • Shower Enclosures



Customers often rave about our Grand Prairie glass shower door installations after our technicians leave.  At Blade Glazing, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and never leave your home until you’re satisfied with our workmanship. To get started, call (469) 240-9739 today for a free estimate!

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