Irving Sliding Glass Door Replacement

A malfunctioning sliding glass door can be annoying, especially if it happens in the middle of a major storm or when you have to get dressed for work! Fortunately, Blade Glazing technicians are available 24/7 for Irving sliding glass door replacement services.



When it comes to sliding glass doors, there are many reasons why they can be hard to fix.

Improper installation. Many times, sliding glass doors aren’t installed properly in the first place, especially if you tried to install it yourself.

Track malfunctions. The door might come off its tracks. You’ll want to hire a professional because replacing tracks can be tricky work.

Structural damage. Our professional team performs sliding glass door replacement in Irving TX every day, and we often find holes or gaps in the track system.

This means that water can get into these holes and gaps and cause damage to your walls over time if they are not repaired immediately after finding them.

Other common issues include:

  • Doors that leak air and drastically increase your utility bills
  • Moisture leaks that cause mold
  • Danger to kids and pets from broken glass if the door falls

Rather than waste hours trying to fix your sliding glass door, call us for fast, efficient Irving sliding glass door replacement by OSHA-certified professionals with over a decade of experience.

Are your door issues especially complex? Ask for Jaye for sliding glass door replacement in Irving TX to fix the most frustrating problems. Jaye also works as a consultant for other companies and can solve sliding glass door malfunctions that others sometimes can’t.



If you notice any of these problems, it might be time to replace your sliding glass door:

  • Bent or broken track
  • Leaky seals
  • Worn out rollers
  • Cracks in the glass or frame
  • Lock mechanism is broken or not working right
  • The bottom of your door is bowed inwards

Dry rot is another potential hazard of not replacing a faulty sliding glass door. It’s caused by fungi that feed on wood and cause decay over time if it’s left untreated.



We’re the local experts in Irving sliding glass door replacement plus any other glass or mirror replacement you may need, like shower enclosures, store fronts and boarding up broken windows. Call the pros at Blade Glazing at (469) 240-9739 and get top-notch service from our family-owned, local business.

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